The most important job in the world

 Joe and Claire

On February 29th 2000 I took on the biggest and most important job of my life. It was high stress, rendered me with little sleep, and made me worry lots. The pay was minimal, in fact this job had the possibility of sinking Kara and I emotionally, physically and financially. I began this new position thinking that I could do it without a problem. I was cocky and confident as usual, until I realized within a day, I was in over my head. To quote Jim Gaffigan, “I felt like I was drowning and then someone handed me a baby”. My new responsibilities always followed me home which made me feel like I always had to be “on”, and I did. All of the responsibility for success had landed on my shoulders, or so I felt.

The job I had been promoted to was not that of CEO, Vice President, or Director. I was promoted to biggest position of my life….DAD.

In your work life often when you transition from one job to another you shed your old responsibilities and take on new ones. In life it does not seem to always be the same. Your transitions equal additions to your responsibilities.

I had been through various transitions before, little brother to big brother, non-Christian to Christian, dating Kara to falling in love with her, being a child at home to becoming a husband, but nothing had prepared me for the transition from all of that to being a Dad.

I am so thankful to be the Dad of Claire, Katie, Kyle and Little B. My life is so full and rich because of them. As they grow I realize more and more how important my job as Dad is.

  • I am the protector of them always watching out for what may come.
  • I am a teacher, always trying to help them learn about faith the world and themselves.
  • I am a provider for them, providing for their needs and sometimes their wants.
  • I am their disciplinarian, making sure they learn right from wrong.
  • I am their friend, listening to them when they need something or just want to tell me something.
  • I am their mentor, hoping that they will come to me for advice when times are tough, and life deals them a “tough one”.
  • I am a role model, showing them how to respect, and love others.
  • But most of all I am their Dad, always on their side and always there for them no matter what.

The most important job I have ever had is that of being a Dad. Happy fathers day to all of the others dads out there, and to my Dad Terry!!

Leading on!!


Foster Parenting

Recently Kara and I have been feeling a strong call to be foster parents.  While this has been something that we have been praying about and thinking about for years, we have recently decided to get more information and jump in.  Interesting enough this idea has been reinforced to us in multiple ways.  After thinking about this and talking about it a bit, we were listening to the radio and heard a commercial for adoption.  Friends of ours, who have done foster care, during a dinner came and talked with us and discussed the ups and downs of being foster parents.  Amazing the many ways that Foster parenting came across our paths.

We finally took the big steps in the summer of 2012.  We found an agency, began taking classes and moved to a larger home to accommodate a foster child or two.  We started the process of getting our home ready for a foster child.  We were so naive in what had to be done.  You do not realize that these children are still someone else’s children that you have been given the responsibility for.  We thought that this would be just getting a child and loving on them, and treating them like our own for a period of time, boy were we wrong.  There are lots of rules, regulations, etc. etc.   The process f becoming a foster parent while a tedious one that often does not always seem to make sense, was a good one.  In fact it caused us as parents to identify our own specific approaches to parenting.  This is something that you believe you do but when you are training to be a foster parent it forces you to really lock in on your approaches and gets you very much on the same page as your spouse.  This has been a great experience and I believe it has made Kara and I even better parents to our 3 biological kids as well.