School starts again

With the holidays over and life in our society getting back to the normal hustle and bustle I started school again today. A sociology class surrounding organizations and their structures, processes and outcomes which is always a relevant topic today. As I listen to the lecture I think about how this can be applied to business today. Is the professor speaking to us as a practitioner or just as an academic? Does my educational foundation get built upon theories and academia or am I learning about ideas that are relevant to today? Or are both of them interwoven?
I believe being an adult learner that I have chosen a school that is focused on teaching me as an adult learner normally with practitioners of what they are teaching. Tonight’s professor is actually more of an academic, but she is interesting. What I learn is relevant to today’s business environment which I believe helps me to learn.
It is amazing to me to see how much people want to go to school. As I took a break tonight I saw two very well behaved kids in the break room. It was amazing to me that people want their education enough to work during the day, go to school at night and fight for an education with the hopes that it will give them a leg up in society. Even if they cannot get a babysitter, they bring the kids along. Hats off Mom or Dad!! I must count myself fortunate to have a good job, and great family and still be able to go to school to better myself at what I do.